Amparo Maya – Single Origin Espresso



A bright acidity of Key Lime is met with the elegant sweetness of Nectarine in this layered high-grown selection of Nariñan coffee.

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We would guess that a large portion of coffee drinkers might think operations are overseen by large estates equipped with the most robust mills and modern technology. But did you know that 70% of the world’s coffee producers can be characterized as “smallholder” farmers? It’s a stunning majority in the coffee industry. Smallholder farmers traditionally grow a mixture of cash and subsistence crops, which rarely exceed 5 hectares. Aparo Maya Guerrero is one of these smallholder farmers, clocking in with 3 hectares. Her farm, El Convento, grows avocados and citrus fruits alongside the beautiful coffee trees. The combination of high altitude and moderate temperatures slow the rate of maturation but reward her cherries with heightened sweetness. Amparo’s signature sweet coffee has awarded her first place in the Cup of Excellence in 2004, and again in 2008. The bright acidity of key lime met with nectarine sweetness continues to blow us away.


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