Kenya Gakuyuini



Nuanced and citric, this selection from the Gakuyu-ini factory boasts a bright tangerine acidity and tropical fruit aromatics.

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It’s important to remember that despite its neighboring proximity to Ethiopia, where coffee was first recorded in 850 AD; It wasn’t until the late-1800s that coffee, of the Bourbon variety, was introduced to Kenya by way of the Indian Ocean island of


Several decades later, in 1930, is when Scott Laboratories was commissioned by theKenyan government to develop the most commercially viable coffee variety in terms of drought tolerance, productivity and cup quality. Thus was born the two varieties that would go on to define the flavor of Kenyan coffee as we know it; SL-28, a single-tree selection identified for its drought resistance in Tanzania, and SL-34, another single-tree selection of French Mission Bourbon from Kenya’s Loresho Estate.


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