Small Bites



seasonal preserves, greek yogurt, and house-made granola

Loaded Banana Bread


peanut butter and fresh banana between 2 slices of banana bread

Lemon Poppyseed Muffin


Blueberry Muffin


Orange Cranberry Scone


Bacon Cheddar Chive & Brown Sugar Scone


Cinnamon Roll


Chocolate Chip Cookie

– Chocolate Chip | $4.50
– Oatmeal Raisin | $4.50

Seasonal Specials

Overnight Oats


Salad & Toast

Spicy Cucumber Salad


lightly pickled local cucumber and sesame seeds

Stone Fruit Salad


pink peppercorn whipped chévre, spinach, arugula, stone fruit, candied walnuts, mint

Farm Salad


bloomsdale spinach, butterleaf, goddess dressing, carrot, fennel, radish, humboldt fog cheese, sourdough gremolata, pickled egg

Loaded Salad


arugula, avo, candied bacon, chévre, egg, dressed with a dash of lemon

Avocado Toast/Biscuit


with avo mash, microgreens, and shaved radish
- with 6 minute egg +$2
- with bacon +$2
- with goat chévre +$2
- with 3rd Base Sauce (locally made) +$1

Almond Butter & Honey Toast


ciabatta or biscuit with almond butter and honey

Buttered Toast/Biscuit


served with seasonal butter or seasonal preserve


Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich


scrambled egg, bacon, manchego cheese, and arugula on our house-made biscuit
- add sausage +$3
- with 3rd Base Sauce (locally made) +$1

It's A Wrap


Diestel turkey, garlic herb dressing, sundried tomato,mixed greens, mozzarella, pickled red onion, on whole wheat wrap

Wild River Toast


smoked trout, caramelized onion & herb cream cheese, beets, served open face on ciabatta

Hot Italian


spicy coppa, prosciutto, salami, calabrian aioli,pepperoncini, melted mozzarella, ciabatta



bacon, heirloom tomatoes, greens, garlic aioli, on toasted Ciabatta

Grilled Cheese


ciabatta, raclette cheese, herb butter
- add bacon $2


Miso & Shishito Deviled Eggs


2 pickled egg halves with miso and shishito peppers

Sourdough Pretzel Braids


buttered, salted, served hot with house made mustard

Shark Board


thoughtfully curated meats and cheeses with
house made goods

Mediterranean Plate


roasted beet & pistachio hummus with naan, marinated olives, crudite