A slow bar is like a setting desert sun; slow indeed, but also a gentle process that naturally drags the excellence of peace down like gravity. Quality of life as well as quality of product are born from slow processes. But when a slow process becomes a little less slow, sometimes quality isn’t sacrificed. What I’m talking about is the art and convenience of the Aeropress. 

For a device As Seen on TV, the Aeropress is making waves (in your coffee cups, that is) and turning the five-panel hat heads of craftsmen and baristas in the coffee community. It is a single-cup coffee brewing process that has many things going for it. It is portable, fast, easy to clean, and produces a great cup of coffee.

It is our newest slow bar addition that differs from our usual and beloved pour over process in the way that it is a full immersion brewing process versus a drip process. The immersion of grounds in water is a process similar to seeping tea leaves; the flavors, oils, and gases bleed into the water in which they are immersed. This is compared to the gravity-oriented process of drip brewing where water pours from above and pulls through the grounds, stripping the coffee of its flavors, oils, and gases. What is so innovative about the Aeropress, which some have compared to a more refined genre of a French Press, is that you get the best of both worlds. You are soaking the coffee in the water, teasing more flavors and character from the bean, while forcing it through a paper filter, removing the “grime” and unwanted oils that you don’t necessarily want in your cup of coffee. Therefore, making the Aeropress a cleaner cup than a French Press that uses a metal mesh filter, and a faster cup of coffee than a pour over drip process. 

Because the Aeropress is a relative of a record-breaking commercial frisbee, the Aerobie (created by Allan Adler, before the Aeropress), it’s going to be built like it has places to go. This is the perfect coffee maker to pack in your camping gear because it’s small and lightweight. So maybe you go backpacking in the desert this season and can equally enjoy the slow setting of the sun with your fresh Aeropressed cup of Verve or Clementine coffee. Or you can come by The Pour Choice to grab a cup and a good conversation from one of your local baristas at the slow bar (and possibly an Aeropress from our shelves for your home and future adventures).

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