A man walks into a bar… and the bar is playing Lynard Skynard’s “Free Bird”. 

A man walks into The Pour Choice… and something real groovy is playing but he can’t name it. In fact, he has never heard this song before, but with all his existence, desires to know it

Has this ever happened to you?

The Pour Choice spotify is your new archive of Pour Tunes where you can find those coffee-sipping, beer-clutching jams you want to hear again. We have personally crafted playlists that tap our toes and nod our heavy heads with some of our favorite songs, artists, and albums, to play in and out of the shop, at the river, or in the car with the windows rolled low. 

The playlist featured this month is curated by our own barista, Donnie, or Don Poncho. Titled, “Monday afternoon, comin’ down”, this playlist “is for those people who wake up early and stay up late, working their asses off; it’s for the real craftsmen.” Join us, and tickle your ears with some southern rock oldies and some refreshing newbies. 

Follow the link below to Donnie’s playlist.

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