First Light Blend – Remedy


Poached Pear • Spiced Cider • Dark Chocolate

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PRODUCER || Various Smallholder Producers

COUNTRY || Ethiopia, Colombia

REGION || Sidama, Nariño

CULTIVAR || Various

PROCESS || Washed Process

HARVEST || August – March

ELEVATION || 1200 – 2000

TASTING NOTES || Poached Pear, Spiced Cider, Dark Chocolate

Created for spiced complexity and balanced acidity, this blend is the perfect way to wake up your mind and palette with its spiced cider sweetness and its syrupy poached pear acidity. 

Lending itself to the spiced complexity and structured acid, the Gore Kone washing station in Sidama Ethiopia is world renowned for its consistency of cup profile and the attention to quality they give to every harvest. Gore Kone sits in the Nensbo woreda (Ethiopian version of a zip code district) that has not historically been known for its specialty coffee until the past few years with Gore Kone’s entrance into the Ethiopian Cup of Excellence. This has given the 750 small producers that deliver to the washing station more opportunity for higher cherry price with growing demand year over year for this deeply sweet and spiced cup profile. 

Offering what are arguably the best-balanced cup profiles in the world, Colombia has become almost synonymous with coffee, and it ranks third in total production. It is composed mostly of tiny fincas (family farms) rather than vast plantations. This means that artisanal micro-lots can vary somewhat due to each farm’s preferred growing and coffee processing methods, but in general Colombian coffees are known for mild, sweet, nutty, medium-acidity flavors. Hailing from the Southern region of Nariño provided by the micro producers of the Yacuanquer municipality. This densely structured coffee gives this blend it’s signature clean chocolate finish.

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